Rincon Sabroso

Authentic Mexican & Salvadorian Restaurant


122 N Rengstorff Ave . Mountain View . California

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Mexican (Mexico) Traditional Food
True Mexican dishes

We make typical and hard to find true Mexican and Salvadorean diches

"Camarones a la Diabla" and Sopa 7 Mares" are just two of the many delicious dishes from Mexico and Central America. This seafood dishes are traditional from Michoacan and the coast of L

Pupusas and other traditional food from El Salvador will transport you to family style Latin American food.

We keep the tradition of our families by using their Mexican and Salvadorean recipes maintaining the many details that create the typical Mexican and Salvadorean food flavours... We invite you to try them..!

Salvadorian (El Salvador) Traditional Food
Authentic Salvadorian dishes

Pupusas perhaps are the best known traditional food from El Salvador.

In some ways Salvadorean pupusas have similarieties with Mexican corn or flower tortillas but they are different, they have different infgredients, different cooking processes, which results in a distinctive Salvadorean food.

We invite you to come and try true Pupusas from El Salvador, so you can taste another type of Central American food.