Mexican and Salvadorean
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  • sopa 7 mares | scallops | crab | shrimp | traditional Mexican food from Michoacan.
  • camarones a la diabla | spicy Mexican and Salvadorean food.
  • enchiladas | traditional Mexican food.
  • schrimps al mojo de ajo | camarones al mojo de ajo | traditional Mexican food.
  • Plato enchiladas | enchiladas dish | Mexican restaurant.
  • enchiladas | traditional Mexican food.
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  • Rincon Sabroso, Mexican and Salvadorean restaurant.
  • Rincon Sabroso, Mexican and Salvadorean restaurant.
  • Rincon Sabroso, Mexican and Salvadorean restaurant.

Mexican and Salvadorean
Traditional Food

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We offer true traditional food from Mexico and El Salvador, including family style recipes that are not easy to find.

"Sopa 7 Mares" is just one of the many delicious dishes from Central America. This seafood dish includes prawns, fish, scallops, with our special spices blend.

Pupusas and other traditional food from El Salvador will transport you to family style Latin American food.

Mexican food goes well beyond the traditional tacos and quesadillas, at Rincon Sabroso you will find special dishes that will surprise you.

Catering Services
Delivery and Events

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We do catering for business meetings, parties, outdoor events and any event that includes great Mexican and Central American style food.

We can deliver food as individual dishes, trays, or any way you desire.

For some events we can also provide full service including cooks and waitresses so you don't have to worry about anything regarding food except enjoying a wonderful Central American style meal.